Saturday, 6 August 2011

book two (and a little confession)

I think Kaylia and I have a little confession to make (and maybe, just maybe, an apology, too).

We don't know what we're doing.

But we want to keep trying. We want this thing to work--however small it works--and we want, more than ever, to talk books with you. (They're a pretty big deal for us both).

So if you want to persevere with us--please, oh please, do!--you might want to pick up the following. We're moving on, you see.*

We won't talk about it in depth until after September 7th. That's a whole thirty days (or so) to read and think about it.

Happy reading!

*But if you'd still like to discuss The Book Thief, feel free to leave comments. They will remain read!

**Also feel free to leave comments about other books you're reading! It's kind of my favourite thing to talk about.